Designer Thomas Bálint’s goal is to discover the perfect cut (of cloth) for a man

Thomas Bálint Backstage

Designer Thomas Bálint with models backstage during World MasterCard Fashion Week – Photographed by Paul Ross for OPIQUE / Top of the Runway

Written by: Michael Jodha

The sole goal of designer Thomas Balint is to find the perfect fit of pant, shirt and jacket for the male fashionista.

So far, the Canadian-Hungarian designer is on track, citing this goal as the unifying theme for his debut line (under his new label title “Thomas Balint”) at Toronto Fashion Week.

“The inspiration behind this line was finding the perfect cut for a man,” says the designer in an interview during Toronto Fashion Week. “And that’s it. And the perfect hem and the perfect fit for pretty much any shape of man…(and) I think I did that.”

The hours spent perfecting his final measurements, fabrics and designs may have made some designers ache with pain, but for Balint, he says that was the fun part. His favourite aspect of designing a collection is the intensive labour.

“I can’t wait to get back to normal and get back into the studio,” he says, “and work on spring and work on women. I work a lot – I like to work.”

While the Balint admits he had a blast with the debut of his collection at Toronto Fashion Week, the impact and importance of its exposure was not lost on him.

“The craziest moment was realizing that I’m doing Toronto Fashion Week, because then it’s (also) the rush,” says Balint. “But everything came together in the end. I’m beyond happy with the turnout.”

A reaction the designer credits to his long hours spent perfecting his version of the perfect cut of cloth for men.

“For the first time, (while) I was super nervous, I was super prepared,” he says. I’ve been working really hard for the last six months on this collection.

“I think it all worked out because I really put my heart into it.”

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