Being different brings the ‘Cholé Comme Parris’ sisters together

Cholé Comme Parris - Backstage

Cholé Comme Parris with models backstage during World MasterCard Fashion – Photographed by Paul Ross for OPIQUE / Top of the Runway

Written by: Michael Jodha

They may be sisters, but fashion designers Chloe and Parris Gordon are anything but rivals.

The duo behind the label “Chloe comme Parris” says their success is owed in part to the individual personal skills each sister brings to the design table.

“Our (design) research is a lot more academic, so (Parris) finds really interesting things to tap into,” says Chloe in an interview during Toronto Fashion Week 2013. “I’m a little bit more abstract in my approach. I find that the two different strengths really make to be something very interesting.”

And in turn, Parris relies heavily on Chloe’s knack for detail.

“I think Chloe’s greatest strength is her patience and her attention to detail,” says Parris. “If a stitch isn’t straight or a button is a little crooked, that does not fly. It’s that attention to detail and that patience that gets us the reputation we have.”

The sisters also bring different fashion backgrounds to the table. Parris is the expert jeweler while Chloe oversees the fashion and textiles.

“We kind of all stick to what we’re good at, and it all comes together as something very different and new,” says Chloe.

The pair takes combining different traits even further as their trademark motif is mixing two different historical periods into beautifully crafted designs. And their fall 2013 collection at Toronto Fashion Week is no exception.

“Our historical period we referenced was Rococo – mainly in France, kind of Versailles (and) Marie Antoinette,” explains Parris. “Then we contrasted it with early nineties grunge. In the prints and the detail it’s all Rococo, and in the silhouettes and the styling it’s all grunge.”

So what would each sister say is their favourite piece of their new collection?

“I would say kind of the navy blue, oversized cable-knit sweater with the chain knitted into it,” shares Chloe, while Parris quickly answers, “I would have to say our laser-etched, green leather crop jacket.”

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