Review: MIZ by Izzy Camilleri

Izzy Camilleri - Backstage

Izzy Camilleri with models backstage during World MasterCard Fashion – Photographed by Paul Ross for OPIQUE / Top of the Runway

Written by: Michael Jodha

Not many people can say their fashion designs have heart and mean it. But when you look at the career of Izzy Camilleri, you know this designer means it.

Renowned nationally and abroad for her label “IZ Adaptive Clothing,” (a line dedicated to persons in wheelchairs), Camilleri debuted her latest collection “MIZ” during Toronto Fashion Week.

From the first model that set foot on the catwalk, fashionistas knew exactly who and why “MIZ” existed. It was for women approaching their golden years, as seen by the mature model who opened the runway. It exists because “MIZ” proved women can be sleek and sexy without wearing the coveted “twenty-something-year-old” must-have item.

Every look in the collection showed Camilleri was taking into consideration a woman’s age, body, personality and confidence. It a word, the looks were all poised.

While the biggest knockouts were arguably the prints (houndstooth and brown animal prints specifically) it was the shimmering pink gold cape dress that stole the show.

The cuts were flattering – not tight, yet accentuating the female body as a whole. Accents included bell-sleeves, a mixture of leather and soft fabrics, hues of blacks, browns and beiges. The necklines were perfect, showing just the right about of skin for a mature woman.

Many of the designs included two-piece outfits – blouses, jackets, pants and skirts – so the feel of the clothes was less constricting (many of the tops were loose around the mid-section, so they wouldn’t need readjusting every time the wearer stood up or sat down).

This is definitely a line where a woman can choose to look her best in her golden years, and at the same time, expect her daughters to enter her closet and ask, “can I borrow this?”

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