The more challenging the ‘do, the better for Jorge Joao, Toronto Fashion Week lead stylist

Jorge Joao

Lead Stylist Jorge Joao for REDKEN, Photography by Paul Ross for Top of the Runway

Written by: Michael Jodha

If you’re a model getting your hair ‘did’ during Toronto Fashion Week, it would be through master hair magician Jorge Joao.

Hailing from the Redken brand of hair products, the festival’s lead stylist says he loves all the different and unique requests he receives from fashion designers because it keeps things interesting.

“I’ve had things where it’s been like ‘I’ve never seen that’ or ‘That’s been a first,’” Joao says about the types of styles he’s created in the past. “I was like ‘Wow, I’ve never really seen anyone get that type of inspiration.’

“Personally the more challenging the better for me,” he continues. “I like to be put in scenarios that I haven’t done before. If it was always the same look all the time it would get kind of boring. When someone comes with a different inspiration, it actually wows me. I learn something new and it just pushes me to the next level.”

On day three of Toronto Fashion Week, Joao is not showing any signs of fatigue. He’s enjoying every minute of it, calling each day a new, fast-paced adventure. In fact, he even has a special way of getting his team pumped for the day of work ahead!

“Everyday we have a group meeting and we just go over our day,” Joao says, “and it always ends with a group cheer, just to get everyone’s spirits going and get everyone ready for the day.”

And the team benefits from that extra kick of adrenaline. With literally hundreds of models to style over the course of the week, the team can’t afford to waste any time.

“We’re looking at fifteen minutes. Fifteen to twenty minutes sometimes. That would be max,” Joao says about the time it takes to style each model. “We go in, we go out, and we do what we need to do.

“We’ve got the right products, the right tools and the right professionals, so anything can get done.”

And what are the right products? According to Joao, most of the models on the runway have one of these three products in their hair for show single show:

“Right now, our staple products would probably be (Redken’s) ‘Fashion Works 12’ which is a finishing spray, and also has a little bit of humidity control,” Joao says. “And our ‘Iron Shape’ for setting, which is actually a heat protectant from our heat styling line…and the ‘Shine Flash’ of course, giving it that little bit of shine.”

And what does Joao prescribe for the guys?

“I would definitely say ‘Work Hard’ from the men’s line. It’s a moulding paste (and) it works with your natural texture. You can kind of create anything with that.”

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