A very pregnant Mélissa Nepton talks about expressing two halves of her self during Toronto Fashion Week


Mélissa Nepton Photographed by Paul Ross for Top of the Runway

Written by: Michael Jodha

Expectant mother and hard-working fashion designer Melissa Nepton talks about her spring 2013 collection, and how being pregnant helped her stay in control.

Double-checking every fold and pleat is neatly tucked in just before your models hit the runway is a stressful job on a good day. Now imagine being pregnant on top of that.

Such was the experience of Montreal-based designer Melissa Nepton at Toronto Fashion Week. However, she didn’t let her visibly pregnant state keep her from being hands-on back stage with the models and getting her runway ready to go. She claims her pregnancy had much to do with allowing her to handle her job with ease.

“(I was) nervous. Stressed,” begins Nepton, when asked how she’s been since Toronto Fashion Week kicked off. “Each one (of my shows) is stressful. But I think with the pregnancy, I kind of relaxed. I have other things to think about, (with) me and everything (about the pregnancy).”

And that relaxation definitely paid off. Her show captivated the crowd as model after model came out in clothes hued in coral pinks, mint greens, beiges, and the occasional splash of blues and blacks.

Some stand-out pieces included a beige and mint-green striped, one-piece bathing suit wrapped in a sheer white robe, and a beautiful flowing blue skirt paired with a black and white patterned top.

Her collection carried items of different varieties; very revealing, very covered, knitted tops and textured fabrics. Some were purely in soft colours, and others were in bold dark colours, or evenly contrasting black and white. Yet they still conveyed the same theme of walking along the beach in the summer.

“The inspiration was very cruise-collection, and the 70s,” Nepton says. “And I really loved the 20s…I don’t know if it’s because I’m pregnant, but the inspiration was very whimmy, beige (and) very moody.”

Whether or not the pregnancy had an effect on Nepton’s vision for her spring-summer 2013 collection, she was positive the contrasts between her soft colours and her bold colours effectively expressed the two sides of her self that she wanted to share.

“I really like to separate two separate kinds of femininity,” she explains. “I think I’m very feminine and soft as a person, but I’m a rebel also. I’m strong, and I can be both. I think it’s me. And I think its fun to work on two halves.”

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