Pink Tartan and Pavoni: Perfection on a Runway!

Written by: Michael Jodha

“P” is for pretty, perfect, and poised; which also accurately describes Canadian fashion labels Pink Tartan and Pavoni.

Canada might be settling in for a cold winter, but our homegrown designers have only sun and fun on the brain as they sketched, measured, cut and sewed beautiful designs for us to wear when the sun returns in 2013.

Labels Pink Tartan and Pavoni debuted their spring/summer 2013 collections on day one of Toronto Fashion Week. And on day two, audiences will definitely still be talking about all the amazing garments they saw on day one.

Pink Tartan

Founded by designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran (wife of Joe Fresh CEO Joe Mimran) the summer collection was as cute and simplistic as the name of the label. Warm colours, comfortable fabrics and looks that could be worn to both the office and evening cocktails, Newport-Mimran knows exactly how to stay cool and chic during the summer months.

And the men and women in the crowds were all nodding their heads in approval. Soft pink blouses, stark white tops, printed jumpsuits and mint green jackets all transformed typical summer staples like tank tops and t-shirts into beautifully appropriate summer apparel.


All it took was the first piece item of Pavoni’s spring/summer collection to hit the runway, and you knew their designers Mike Derderian and Gianni Falcone won the crowd over instantly.

There’s no good place to start explaining how stunning their line was. The glam-factor was a perfect balance; equal parts elegant, glittering, flowing and sexy. Every garment literally sparkled and sashayed down the runway to drooling onlookers who couldn’t turn away for a moment lest they miss the next mesmerizing item.

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