Q&A With Paidemoyo Chideya of DeMOYO


Paidemoyo Chideya and Models at World MasterCard Fashion Week – Photography by: Paul Ross for Top of the Runway

Interviewed by: Karen Welcome

TOTR: Tell me about this collection because it’s sharp and it’s elegant; there’s a bit of masculinity but it’s so ladylike at the same time.

PC: I’m all about vintage and throwing something on but still managing to look elegant. My main inspiration for this was the spiral which is why the collection is called in spira. In spira also means inspiration so it all ties together.

TOTR: You source your own fabrics?

PC: I hire people from Zimbabwe which is my native country to make all of my hand embroidered clothes. My shirts and my pant suits are also done in Zimbabwe.

TOTR: How is having sustainable clothing important to you for your customers?

PC: My whole purpose is to make sure that I create jobs for people that need them. I notice that especially where I come from there’s so much talent that’s untapped. I want to assist people in doing that essentially.
TOTR: What are your world domination plans?
PC: To make people wake up. That’s my purpose. I have a saying it’s remember thee, remember thee. It means remember who you are and that means that we’re pretty limitless. There’s a lot you can achieve once you wake up to who you are.
TOTR: One more thing, tell me about your muse or your girl.

PC: My girl she’s awake, she’s confident, she’s self-aware, she has a good heart; but she’s fierce honey! She can throw on her boyfriend’s suit and still look great.

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